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Driving between Delhi and Agra will become a lot more easier as FASTag electronic toll collection system is set to begin on the Yamuna Expressway from April 1.

According to reports, there will be four FASTag lanes on the expressway, which will be on either side of three toll plazas. Chief Executive Officer of Yamuna Expressway Development Authority, Arun Vir Singh said that JP Company had earlier refused to start FASTag due to it being a private highway. It was supposed to start from February 15, but due to the non-completion of all the preparations, it could not be started.

He said that an agreement was reached between representatives of Yamuna Development Authority, IDBI and Jaypee Infratech this week which will allow the FASTag facility to begin on this expressway from next month.

Anuj Jain, Insolvency Resolution Professional (IRP) of Jaypee Infratech Limited (JIL), said that the agreement has been signed. The FASTag on the Yamuna Expressway is expected to start from April. The work of installing crash barrier is going on fast, although it is a big work which may take many days, but the work is going on fast.

“The IDBI shall be the acquiring bank and shall manage toll collection and related processes for the toll plazas of the projects for a period of seven years," an official from the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority said.

The 165-km long expressway connects Noida to Agra, and is operated by Jaypee Infratech Limited (JIL), this expressway has 3 toll plazas, Jewar, Mathura and Agra.

FASTag was implemented by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) across all national highways from February 15 this year. Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority had first announced that it will implement the FASTag system on the highway from February 1. However, due to several reasons, the implementation was delayed.

Since February 15, toll collection through FASTag has been growing exponentially. NHAI said that the FASTag system is helping it mop up more than 100 crore every day.