Driving to the mountains this summer? Key tips that can save your life and car

  • Following some key tips while driving on hills or mountains can ensure the experience becomes memorable.
C40 Recharge
Following some key tips while driving on hills or mountains can ensure the experience becomes memorable.
C40 Recharge
Following some key tips while driving on hills or mountains can ensure the experience becomes memorable.

It's summertime and many of us are already planning to hit the road to go to the mountains, not just to get cooled off after being scorched in the immense heat, but also to inhale the fresh air, view the scenic beauty and get a sabbatical from the mundane urban routine. For people who love to drive, this could be another opportunity and excuse to drive a car in the high mountains, which could be a lifetime experience and memories to cherish. However, not following some basic rules can transform the memories into horrific ones.

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Here are some key tips to follow to ensure your driving in mountains or hills becomes one of the most memorable ones.

1 Never overtake

Overtaking on highways or even on urban streets is still fine, but when on hills or mountains, never try to overtake another vehicle. Doing so may result in a disaster. Hilly roads are narrow and full of tricky corners and hairpin bends, Attempting an overtake on such roads could result in a life-threatening mishap for you and other vehicle drivers as well.

2 Drive slow

Driving at a slow speed on hilly roads has multiple parks. First, it will allow you to keep the vehicle's control in your hand. In case of any treacherous situation, controlling a vehicle driving at a slow speed is much easier than controlling one driving at a high speed. Second, driving slow will allow you to enjoy the roads and surroundings a bit as well.

3 Drive in right gear

One of the most important tips to follow when driving in hills is driving in the right gear when climbing uphill, also especially when coming downhill. While climbing uphill, gravity works against the vehicle by making it go slow. Hence, drive in lower gear where the torque output will be maximum. When coming downhill, drive in first or second gear as driving in low gear will ensure the vehicle will not speed up and lose control.

4 Use engine braking

Engine braking is a highly effective method of braking than using the conventional foot pedals when driving in hills. When coming downhill, make sure to drive slowly and use this technique to ensure the brake pads don't get burned and fail, as that could be disastrous.

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5 Don't drive in neutral when driving downhill

Many drivers believe it is okay to drive in neutral when coming downhill. However, doing so disengages the gear from the engine and results in the vehicle taking up speed, which could result in a fatal mishap. Hence, always avoid driving in neutral and ensure to drive in first or second gear to have control of the vehicle in your hand.

6 Don't drive pressing half clutch

Another common misconception among many drivers is it is okay to drive the clutch half-pressed. Doing so doesn't disengage the clutch completely. Also, in this process, the clutch plate can get burnt. In fact, a few months ago this was the reason behind a long traffic jam that stalled traffic on Mumbai Pune Expressway.

First Published Date: 23 May 2024, 12:46 PM IST

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