Five best tips and tricks to get the best range from your electric scooter

  • Here are five tips that you can follow to extract the maximum riding range from your electric scooter.
Image of TVS iQube used for representational purpose only.
Image of TVS iQube used for representational purpose only.

Electric scooters are slowly becoming popular in the Indian market. They are a great solution for people who are looking for a two-wheeler only for daily commutes that are limited within the city. Electric scooters are becoming increasingly attractive to buyers due to their significantly lower cost of ownership and lower running costs per kilometer. Additionally, the surge in demand can be attributed to the exorbitant price of petrol and the stricter emission regulations, which have led to a steep increase in the price of internal combustion engine (ICE) models.


However, the biggest downside of riding an electric two-wheeler is the riding range. Where a petrol-powered scooter could be refilled in a matter of minutes, the electric scooter would take a few hours. Then there is also range anxiety because you cannot find a charger nearby but you would be able to find a fuel pump nearby. So, knowing a few tips and tricks if you own an electric scooter or you are planning to buy one might come in handy.  


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1 Pack light

Similar to traditional vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, electric vehicles also experience reduced range when carrying additional weight. The distance an electric scooter can travel between charges is determined by the combined weight of the scooter and the rider. By reducing the weight that the scooter carries, you can achieve a longer range. However, exceeding the weight capacity of the scooter will negatively impact the range. To achieve a better range, it is recommended to only carry essential items and avoid unnecessary clutter that adds unnecessary load to your scooter. Additionally, refrain from accessorizing your scooter as this will increase its weight and further impact the range.

2 Choose efficient routes

Planning your routes can have a substantial impact on optimizing the range of your scooter. Seek out routes that experience minimal traffic congestion. Whenever feasible, steer clear of hilly terrains and opt for roads with smoother surfaces. Make use of GPS systems to discover efficient and time-saving routes for your daily commutes. However, make sure that the route that you opt for is safe. 

3 Tyre pressure

The range of an electric scooter is directly affected by the tire pressure. When the tire is properly inflated, there is minimal contact between the tire and the ground, resulting in reduced rolling resistance. This allows the motor to operate efficiently without exerting excessive effort, leading to lower power generation and consumption. Consequently, the battery pack can conserve energy, enabling the rider to travel a greater distance. Conversely, if the tire is underinflated, more of its surface comes into contact with the ground, increasing rolling resistance and reducing energy efficiency.

4 Turn off unnecessary electronics

On electric vehicles, everything runs on battery, This means that every electrical equipment will be depleting battery. The features on offer could be Bluetooth connectivity, intelligent navigation, and more. By deactivating these unnecessary electronic components during rides, the battery will experience reduced strain, thereby conserving power for an extended range. While some features such as Bluetooth and reflector lights can be disabled, LED daytime running lights and headlamps cannot be switched off because of the law mandate.

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5 Battery maintenance 

Maintaining the health of your EV battery may not directly result in a longer range, but it can help prevent a decrease in your electric scooter's maximum range. All batteries naturally deteriorate over time. It is important to avoid completely draining the battery and always recharge it before it reaches a charge level of 15 percent or lower. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid exposing the battery to extreme temperatures. Lithium-ion batteries perform optimally at around 25 degrees Celsius, as higher temperatures can shorten the battery's lifespan and lower temperatures can reduce its power capacity.

6 Regenerating braking

Certain electric scooters are equipped with regenerative braking technology, allowing them to replenish the battery as they decelerate or come to a stop. This system harnesses the kinetic energy that would have otherwise been lost during braking.

First Published Date: 28 Jun 2024, 08:54 AM IST

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