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The Beast has a new president as its latest passenger, one who would use the world's safest car in the US and in other parts of the world for the entire duration of four years. Joe Biden took oath as the 46th US President on Wednesday, promising to bring in a whole lot of changes after what has been a tumultuous four-year-term of controversial Donald Trump. Through it all, and moving forward, the presidential limousine has been one of the constants and will continue to offer unmatched security and protection to the American president.

But what makes this limousine not just the epitome of luxury but an 'unbreachable' fortress on wheels?

It isn't an easy job to keep any political figure safe from threats and harm. The Americans take on-ground protection and security to a whole new level when the country's president is on the move on the road. As such, the exterior of The Beast gets military grade armour which is at least five inches thick. Combination of dual hardness steel, aluminium, titanium and ceramic to break up projectiles.

The window of the vehicle that the US President uses has five layers of glass and polycarbonate.
The window of the vehicle that the US President uses has five layers of glass and polycarbonate. (REUTERS)

The armoured-plated doors are eight inches thick and the same weight as that of a cabin door of a Boeing 757 jet. When fully closed, it provides a complete seal from the outside world, something that could be crucial in case of an external attack. Such is the seal that even a chemical attack would be no challenge for the doors of this vehicle. The said seal is further reinforced by the windows which have five layers of glass and polycarbonate. These can withstand armour-piercing bullets.

The chasis of The Beast has reinforced steel plates to protect the vehicle from bomb attacks.

The Kevlar-reinforced tyres are shred and puncture resistant with steel rims underneath. This enables the car to run even in case the tyres are destroyed.

Step inside and The Beast combines luxury with the same level of protection as found on the outside. The rear compartment of the vehicle can seat four passengers and has a glass partition. This partition can only be lowered by a switch that is made available to the president. He also gets a satellite phone with direct links to the Vice President and Pentagon.

The fuel tank is armoured-plated and filled with a special foam that prevents it from exploding even after being involved in a crash.

The boot part of the vehicle has firefighting system, tear gas and smoke-screen dispensers.

Additionally, this special limousine is loaded with pump-action shotguns and tear gas cannons. Bags of the President’s blood type are kept on board in case he needs transfusion. The driver’s compartment has a communications centre and a GPS tracking system. At the front, under the grille is a hidden camera with night-vision facility.

It takes a special person to drive this special vehicle and as such, the driver is someone who demonstrates a very high degree of skill and has to undergo rigorous training to ensure he or she is capable of handling this vehicle and keeping the president safe.

  • First Published Date : 21 Jan 2021, 08:38 AM IST