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Tesla may be present only in a handfull of countries but the dominance of its Model 3 has been well established and well documented in the world of electric personal mobility and in the EV car space. The most-affordable Tesla once again underlined its mammoth populatiry and was the best-selling electric vehicle in 2020, as per a report in EV Sales BlogSpot.

According to this report, Tesla sold 365,240 units of Model 3 last year and has a 12% market share. The EV maintained its position at the top of the list of best-selling electric cars in the world. The second-best-selling EV, with 119,255 units taken, was Wuling HongGuang Mini which is a popular choice among buyers in China, the world's largest EV market.

Renault Zoe is a viable option for many, especially in the European market, and was the third-best selling EV worldwide , with 100,431 units sold.

Tesla Model Y took the fourth spot with 79,734 units sold and Hyundai's Kona was placed fifth with 65,075 units sold.

Two cars in the top-five best-selling EVs worldwide also point to just how dominant Tesla is, even against the likes of established giants like Volkswagen. The VW ID.3 was the sixth-best-selling EV with 56,937 units sold but only a market share of 2%.

Rivals are looking at closing this massive gap with Tesla but the American EV maker is also speeding up its pace and plans. After all, the Model 3 has sold more units than the HongGuang Mini and Zoe combined. Another important point of note is that HongGuang Mini may have sold as many numbers as it has due to its far lesser price tag than the Model 3. In terms of pricing, it is the Zoe which may be closer to Model 3.

Renault Zoe is the preferred EV in many European countries.
Renault Zoe is the preferred EV in many European countries.

Tesla is also looking at expanding to other markets with passing time and has set sights on India. Model 3 is likely to be its first product here and while it is not going to fall into the affordable price bracket - estimates suggest it could be priced upwards of 55 lakh, it could further consolidate the car maker's position even though VW and local Chinese players are determined to play catch up.